Peace of mind in the wake of disaster: Hattiesburg Special Education

Peace of mind in the wake of disaster: Hattiesburg Special Education

The Special Education Department of the Hattiesburg School District ran into a common problem for any office in: they had acquired and catalogued so many student records that locating a single file became a time-consuming chore – especially during the “December Count” that has to be taken each year and reported to the Department of Education.

Recognizing that there was a better way to handle her files, Special Education Director Debra Martin began looking for a company that she could trust to create a viable solution to their abundance of files.

Mrs. Martin first became aware of Trustpoint through a presentation by company CEO, Ron Swindall, at a Board of Director’s meeting. When asked why she chose Trustpoint over the other companies she was considering, Mrs. Martin cited Trustpoint’s “very personable nature” as the deciding factor.

Trustpoint’s commitment to friendliness, respect and professionalism persuaded Mrs. Martin that this was the solution for her.

A Problem, Solved with Trustpoint

Trustpoint succeeded in scanning and cataloguing the entire volume of active student records for the Special Education Department, and Mrs. Martin was quite pleased with the results.

She noted that her office’s “efficiency rate increased greatly” and she was happy to find that the new e-filing system allowed for “much faster file access and sharing between departments.”

The proof that she had made a great decision came when she didn’t have to work late running back and forth from the filing cabinets to locate student files for her December Count.

It’s now not as difficult to do, and I can finish it in hours rather than days.
– Debra Martin

Mrs. Martin also expressed that she was very pleased with the amount of attention Trustpoint paid to training her staff to use the new system. She was confident in her staff’s familiarity with the new system once the job was completed.

Finding Peace of Mind with Trustpoint

The horrific tornado that destroyed many Hattiesburg homes and businesses in February of 2013 served as a wakeup call to many offices that store long term records. Their physical files and documents were more vulnerable than they knew.

However, the Special Education Department of the Hattiesburg School District had no fear of losing their files since Trustpoint had maintained scans and backups of their entire filing system from years before.

I wasn’t worried at all about our files.
– Debra Martin

Mrs. Martin is one of many satisfied customers of Trustpoint who has benefitted from their scanning and e-filing services. She expresses her pleasure at Trustpoint’s helpful, professional service, and regularly recommends Trustpoint to anyone looking for a solution to a cluttered filing system or a long term, digital solution to filing.

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