Are you sure you’re sure? How the dangers of file sharing could affect your job and your employer.

“Sharing is caring” the old saying goes.

We love it when someone brings a cake into the office to share. Is it someone’s birthday today? Time to get a slice.

It’s always a nice day at work when someone shares food, but what about sharing files in the office?
The Dangers of File Sharing
The scary truth is that some offices treat important files […]

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3 ways your files could be destroyed tomorrow, and the steps you can take to protect them

Imagine waking up one morning and losing $20,557. No, you didn’t lose the keys to your brand new car. Your company experienced a situation involving permanent loss of data and records.

We easily misplace and lose track of stuff almost every day. However, the unfortunate truth is that you might be more susceptible to the data loss than you think.

In 2012, […]

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