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Trustpoint is your local document management partner. Our team is ready to help you get more out of your files with increased security, accessibility and efficiency.

Why Document Management?

The best solutions are those we create to solve our own problems; problems we understand deeply and have experienced first-hand.

Paperwork always seemed like a necessary evil of being in business. Filing, sorting, sharing… it was all just a part of the normal daily life in an office.

Dealing with paper day in and day out was starting to feel like a return to the dark ages – insecure, inefficient and completely inaccessible.

But, we thought, there has to be a better way.

Trustpoint, LLC was created to help those who, like us, are ready for a solution to this seemingly age-old problem.

The document management solutions we found and created have changed the way our business works from the inside out. We can focus on decision making and accomplishing our core goals, rather than on stacks of paper crowding the office or the never-ending search for that important lost document.

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Why Trustpoint Is Right For You

From start to finish, our systems and services allow your company to realize the many cost and time saving benefits of cloud document management, without the hassle and expense of attempting to tackle the process on your own.

Our staff of document management specialists will walk you through the process from start to finish – answering questions, finding unique solutions and providing hands-on training so you can begin taking advantage of your new paperless system quickly and easily.

With Trustpoint you can:

Grow your business

Paper is a leach on your organization. Without the cost and hassle of paper, you free up your employees (and yourself) to focus on other problems. Removing paper from your office is not only great for the environment, it is a boost to every aspect of your day-to-day operations.

Increase ROI

In the past, paper was a necessary evil. Reams upon reams were stacked in storage rooms; trashcans filled with misprints, duplicates and unnecessary documents; office workers struggled to contain the beast, always looking for new places to stash another file.

Today is a new day. By removing paper from your organization you can increase ROI by reducing administrative costs, increasing productivity, and improving employee moral.

The cost of converting, sorting and storing your documents with Trustpoint is less than the cost of a part-time employee’s salary for 1 year, but the benefits last for years to come. You’ll see the return for the life of your business as costs decrease and you see a renewed focus on activities and tasks that boost your bottom line.

Maximize Productivity

Imagine what your people could do if they weren’t wasting time on filing, sorting, printing and searching for lost documents?

With online document management, they can find and retrieve files in seconds, securely share with those inside and outside of your organization, and access important files from anywhere - all while refocusing their attention on new tasks, projects and assignments.

The work-flow capabilities of your new document management software will allow your team to automate repetitive tasks, track progress and find innovative new ways to increase efficiency and productivity every day.

Help your employees realize their full potential while bringing new life to your organization.

Protect Your investment

The dangers of out-dated paper filing systems are lurking at every turn. From HIPPA and compliance violations to theft and misuse of client information, your business is constantly at risk.

Our online document management software provides tracking, security and protection to keep your investment safe and a level of transparency that you just can’t get from traditional methods.

Reduce Workplace Accidents

Your risk goes beyond the information contained in your documents. Through our experience in the document management field, we have seen first-hand the dangers of traditional filing methods. Stacks of paper, overcrowded filing rooms and the ever-present danger of fire all put your business, and your bottom-line, at risk.

By transferring your files to the cloud, you protect yourself, your employees, and your property from personal injury and destruction.

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